Friday, 31 October 2008

31 October

This is one of two ferry companies that transport you to and from the Isle of Wight there is no other way of getting here.
So although they denie it they have a license to print money, at peak times it can cost well over £100 or $175 for a car and passenger and how far is the ferry ride.......... 3miles :-( we think it is the most expensive boat ride in the world.
The harbor where this was shot Is Cowes the home of the world famous Admirals Cup Race and Cowes Week where folk come from all over the world to race there boats.


snaphappee said...

Another great photo! I'm really enjoying the information you share with each photo too!

Sandra said...

Quite the contrast from yesterdays photo - still an awesome shot with great leading lines.

Diana said...

I am really liking your blog. It is like I have taken a trip. =)