Sunday, 23 November 2008

Saturdays Wedding (day25)

Well heres one from Saturdays wedding number1 as we had to shoot two weddings that day( never again ) its a long story and I'm to knackered to tell it :-)

This is at All St Church at Ryde I thought we might have problems with light but it turned out to be very good. All the shots were at ISO1600 which was not to bad.


snaphappee said...


Two weddings in one day? That's craziness!

Martin Wilkins said...

Yep and both were none paying, one was family and was our present to them and the other was for the managers of a very large hotel chain that we are involved with, lucky for me one was at 1.30pm and the other at 4pm,lots of driving and a lot put on my daughter who shot most of her cousins wedding on her own, I helped with the service and some getting ready and Lu did the rest.