Saturday, 8 November 2008

second image ( day10 )

Well this is the image that I was getting the settings for on the previous post, unfortunately its been ballsed up as those nice shiny stars in the image is infact bloody rain which seconds after this shot was taken came down like a monsoon I was not a very happy bunny.

Iso 2500, 17mm , f6.3 , 2.5sec as you can see I adjusted things from the last image. where the Canon 50D can handle high iso I choose to up it and also went to f6.3 if you look at the trees you can see how much they were moving.


Sandra said...

2500 ISo is pretty high and I didn't see much noise, nice. Too bad about the rain

Martin Wilkins said...

Yes it is high and I personally am very pleased with the Canon 50D although a lot of experts say other wise the iso is a lot better than the 40D in real life situations