Saturday, 28 February 2009

First pic's

Here we are in Aussie, using someone else's wireless connection :-)
We have a pic of me in Singapore Airport in my scruffy but comfy jeans, the airport was a stunning place we had a 2hr stop over.
The two landscapes are the local park just to show you all how the drought has dried up everything in Melbourne.
On Saturday night we went to a concert (Classical) in a local park lots of food and a nice bottle of red wine whilst trying to stay I still have not adjusted my sleep patterns.
We are having s couple of layabout days before we start traveling ( and more interesting images )


snaphappee said...

Wow!! Fantastic images! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time and post many, many photos!

Eric L said...

Have fun on your trip, looks like your off to a good start

PLPortraiture said...

I am J E A L O U S ! ! ! !

You are looking WAY TOO HAPPY!

Thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to seeing more!!! :D

Sandra said...

Have a great time.