Sunday, 20 September 2009

This is me and my new horse Zack.
Zack has absolutely astounded every one that knows me as I have not had much to do with the horses for the last year or so, then on Friday I said to Jen there was a horse I wanted to look at, Jen thought it was going to be a brood mare or something and nearly fainted when I said it was for me to ride........ so we picked him up today.
Zack is just a nice mannered safe ( I hope ) plod, it has been 4yrs since the last horse messed up my pelvis so I am a little apprehensive about riding again but what the hell you only live once, some folk have a sports car at 50..... I buy a horse.... Hm... I think I have got it wrong again..... lol


Sandra G said...

Congratulations on your horse, although after an injury like that, I might have chosen the sports car myself.
He is a nice looking one.

PLPortraiture said...

Just LOOK at that gorgeous beast! Beautiful horse too ;)