Thursday, 11 February 2010

David & Charlotte's wedding 6-2-2010

I have added these two images just to show what can be done to improve how things look, the first image is out of the camera the second has had a little work done to it

I love doing my beach shots, again over processed but its how I like em...

It would have been fun to have put them at the end of the break water but for the waves....

A cooler version, not sure if I like it myself.

Oh look Blackgang View point again......... lol

I think these look alright so lets hope the bride will as well.... :-)

We had what I thought was a fantastic wedding on Saturday, very nice weather and superb venue, here are a few of the day, they are outdoor shots as those seem to be the ones that I like all the time :-)


Gary Schmeidler said...

Great shots Martin, love those beach shots! I like the warmer processing.

Martin Wilkins said...

Thanks Gary, yes I like the warmer processing as well I seem to be getting a lot of beach stuff now which is great.

Brittany said...

I love the before & after shots in the beginning. Wonderful work!