Saturday, 24 January 2009

Scary post............. lol

Here is a sight that is not seen very ofter in the
1# I am working
2# I have a smile on my face


Sandra said...

Well, maybe you need to change your line of work - LOL
Looks like you are really enjoying yourself.

Martin Wilkins said...

He,he, its a in house joke, my wife is always saying that I never smile anymore, and my job is so easy its hard to get a sweat up during the

Tess said...

That looks like fun! Nice to see you smiling! :)

snaphappee said...

It's nice to see you and your smile!

Anonymous said...

Fanny Scratchit here:

Hi BIG boy

Anonymous said...

Fanny scrachit (again):

you have also made my day, its the first thing i do in the morning, after the bathroom is look you up, oh what can today bring???????